Dessert vs. Desert: Know The Difference

Mistakes regarding dessert vs. desert continue, even among writers that are native English speakers. Such errors are understandable considering that these words look quite alike and the pronunciation is practically the same. However, it is important to be able to identify each of these terms and use them appropriately. You can find all of the guidelines that you need to do this, right here:

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The Meaning of the Words Dessert and Desert

Despite the similarity between these two words, they have entirely separate meanings. So, the first step to realizing whether it is desert or dessert is understanding the definitions:

Dessert: it is a sweet treat, typically eaten after a meal.

Desert: an expansive area of sand, hot climate, and very little vegetation. As a verb, it can also be used to define the act of leaving.

Here are some examples to emphasize the difference:

She loved to eat cake as dessert after lunch.

The children were told that they could only eat dessert if they first finished their dinner.

Here’s how to use word desert in a sentence:

After months of very little rain, the garden was as dry as a desert in the Middle East.

While he didn’t want to desert his family, he still had to leave the country to make a living.

How to Spell Words Desert and Dessert?

Of course, the real trouble with these two words is regarding the spelling. One of the biggest questions that writers usually have is “Is it spelled desert or dessert?” The good news for you is that there are a few tricks for you to remember which one it is.

If you have ever wondered how do you spell dessert, here is a sentence to remember:

Dessert is often sweet and sugary and so, has ss in the word.

As for desert, this may be a good reminder:

Like Sahara, there is just one’s in desert.


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