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In the modern world, each student needs computer software for studying in college and making the learning process more effective and less stressful. However, the problem is that almost all useful programs are quite expensive. If you are hoping to make the process of obtaining education simpler but can’t afford too pricey but useful software, do not panic because we have a solution for you! There is a lot of free software for students that will come in handy for you regardless of the subject you study and your academic level! Below is a list of the best computer programs to have if you are a student!

The Best Free Software For Students

This list contains some of the best programs for students that can be extremely useful and can help in many different ways. Check out this list and find a program for any purpose for free!


It is a computer program for gathering user information in many different forms: handwritten or typed notes, audio recordings, drawings, schematics, screen clippings, etc. You can also share these notes with classmates or other people over the Internet or network. It is one of the best writing tools for students and since OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office, it can be downloaded as a free application for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

This program can be useful while preparing for tests and examinations. You can save all necessary information in OneNote and share it with your classmates.

This program is an open source office suite and it can help you in creating or editing diagrams, drawings, spreadsheets, slideshows. Using Liber office, you will be able to compose mathematical formulas and work with databases and it is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, as well as having a form of an online office suite.

Open office

Available in many languages, this program is easy to use. It is usually used for word processing, creating presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and graphics. Working with Open office, you can read and write files from common software packages.

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LaTeX is a typesetting program that is used for work with scientific or technical documentation. If you need to publish a scientific document, it will be an indispensable program for you.


JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager – it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This program can generate bibliographies in Latex format, so you can use it instead of Microsoft Office when you have to work on a paper. It has numerical data, so it is more accurate and easy to use. Using JabRef, you can import documents in many various formats, search the bibliographies and categorize the entries.


LyX is a flexible document processor. Using this program, you can easily create mathematical content, structure documents (for example books, articles, and essays) and even a novel or a film script.

LyX also has a well-designed document layout. If you want your academic or creative writing to look wonderful, you should try this program. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux and is available in many languages.


Zotero is a great and rare software that locates research on the Internet automatically. If you need a book from a library or a news story, Zotero will easily find it for you. You can also organize research using it. This program creates bibliographies for many different text editors and supports many citation styles. It also can synchronize your data with all your devices. Working with Zotero, you can also collaborate with other researchers and share your materials both public and private.

Dark room

It is a very simple software that lets you write as long as you need without any distractions. While you write, the background is black and your text is white.

This free computer program will be useful for you when you must take some notes from a class. You will like it if you often need to write many words without having any distractions.

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Scribus is a page layout program available for most operating systems. It will be useful for the students who need to write and publish work in a professional format. It allows the user to easily make posters, brochures, newspapers and whole books.

This is the only free software for such work. Scribus supports many different formats of text, it can also easily work with images and create PDF files. You will probably like it if you need to write a lot.

Microsoft Visio

This software allows the user to easily create diagrams, maps, workflows, and different plans for studying. You can also add comments to your diagrams and share it with other people. It has a standard and a professional version. Working with the professional version, you can use ready-made templates while creating your diagrams, and keep other people in sync with any new operations.

There is plenty of free software for college students. Each is suitable for a particular purpose, while some are quite universal and should come in handy in various situations. Keep in mind that there are also many online tools! You can find anything online, there are even some websites that offer essay writing services to students who are too busy or do not possess the necessary writing skills to create good essays!

Whenever you need to write an article or a book, calculate something or compose a mathematical formula, these are the best computer programs and will assist you. They all are quite handy. With the best software for students, it is easy to share your notes, recordings, thoughts and other information with your classmates or people you work with, using this software.

And the best thing is that they are free for all students! You don’t have to waste your money on expensive software because you have a possibility to use these high-quality programs for free.

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