Best Topics For A Nursing Capstone Project

Is it time for your nursing capstone project? If your answer is yes, it means you’ve reached an exciting time in your life. It’s time to finish your education as a nursing student and begin your career. These papers serve to demonstrate what you`ve learned at school and allow you to put that knowledge into practice. However, it’s not easy to choose the perfect topic for your task.

This guide can help to look for inspiration as it presents 150 capstone project ideas in different categories. You can start by picking the area that attracts you the most. From there, browse the topics and find the perfect one for your paper!

What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

Nursing students will attend a suitable course or program for their future occupation. However, towards the end of their studies, they have to write a capstone project online about the features of medical care in order to get a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or MSN (Master of Science in Nursing). This is actually a paper that’s not much different from academic assignments at other universities and colleges.

So, what is a nursing capstone project, and how should you do it? You have the freedom of choosing a topic, but make sure to consult with your tutor. That means your topic might come from informatics, women’s health, or any other area of interest. The idea is to answer a question or a problem and show a deep understanding of your capstone project idea.

Your capstone project topic will require carrying out independent research and presenting a detailed analysis of the issue. The paper can be anywhere between 25 and 100 pages as long as it offers a comprehensive answer to the proposed topic.

Here is why tutors insist on working on this paper:

  • You are demonstrating what you have learned. The crucial benefit of working on these project ideas is to showcase your knowledge. This paper shows you can apply theories and frameworks with professional practice.
  • Enhancing professional development. Identifying the right ideas and working on them will further upgrade your knowledge.
  • You might find a special interest in a particular area. You might discover the category where you want to specialize during your career.
  • You are learning more about the community and its problems. You’ll understand the community better, and you might even help to design strategies to improve it.

It can be fun to choose from the nursing leadership project ideas and work on this capstone paper. However, some students don’t have enough time on their hands to complete the task. If that’s the case, you can always contact a premium writing service to help you finish the assignment. They can turn your nursing capstone project idea into reality and ensure you deliver a superb paper in the expected timeframe.

If you are ready to start working on your project, look for inspiration in the ideas below!

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General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you need general inspiration for your nursing capstone project, here are some suggestions:

  1. How to Become a Registered Nurse After Being a Student
  2. How HMO Organizations Can Improve Preventive Care to Enhance Patient Outcomes
  3. Health History and Why It’s Crucial to Patient Care
  4. How Macro Trends Affect the US and UK Healthcare
  5. The Connection between Patients Paying Ability and Care Level They Receive
  6. How Leadership Affects Healthcare Service Providers
  7. The Importance of Leaders in Education
  8. What Qualities Should a Nurse Leader Have?
  9. How Nurse Inclusion and Engagement Can Affect Patient Outcome
  10. How Nurse Engagement in Treating Patients Can Affect Their Mental Health
  11. Nurses and Ethical Practices
  12. Managing Stress for Nurses
  13. How Nurse Organizations Can Improve
  14. How to Make More Affordable Care for All Americans
  15. Attitudes to Healthcare Systems in Different Cultures

Health Promotion Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Working on health promotion can be important for the community. Here are some ideas to use for inspiration:

  1. Improving Brain Health Programs with a Limited Budget
  2. Managing Depression Among Nurses to Improve Health Services
  3. Improving Awareness and Preventing Cyberbullying
  4. Promoting Awareness on How to Prevent HIV
  5. Increasing COVID19 Vaccine Importance Awareness
  6. How Smoking Affects Passive Smokers
  7. Promoting Youth Activity
  8. Seniors and Preventive Practices
  9. Nutrition Management for Elderly Patients in Nursing Homes
  10. Managing Nutrition for Patients with a High Diabetes Risk
  11. Reducing Depression in Elder Adults
  12. Increasing Motivation to Improve Physical Activity Among Youth People
  13. Improving Awareness of Heart Disease Risk Factors
  14. Promoting the Importance of Healthy Eating Habits
  15. Increasing the Knowledge on How UV Radiations and Skin Cancer Are Related

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Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

People have prejudice about mental health, but it’s important to discuss the issues surrounding it. These are the topics that may help you to come up with nursing project ideas:

  1. How Sexual Abuse Affects Children’s Mental Health
  2. Can Art Therapy Help to Improve Mental Health
  3. How to Offer Mental Health Services to Deaf Users
  4. Teenage Suicide Rates and How to Prevent Them
  5. Domestic Violence and Its Influence on Children
  6. How Yoga Can Help to Improve and Maintain Mental Health
  7. How to Adapt Mental Health Programs to Different Cultures
  8. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treat Psychiatric Patients
  9. Can Giving Up Smoking Affect Mental Health?
  10. Improving Education on Providing Services to Mentally ill Patients
  11. Autonomous Decision Making for Mentally Ill Patients
  12. Addressing Mental Health Stigmas for Patients and Their Close Ones
  13. Can Homelessness Worsen Mental Health Problems?
  14. How to Manage PTSD Among Veterans
  15. The Access to Mental Health Services for a Specific Population Group

Capstone Project Topics on Nursing Burnout

Burnout is a problem in many workplaces, but it can have serious consequences in hospital surroundings. If writing a project, consider these ideas:

  1. How to Recognize and Stop Nurse Burnout Early
  2. Nurse Burnout Statistics – Detailed City and Town Comparison in Your Area
  3. How Group Therapy Affects Nurse Burnout
  4. Mindfulness and Other Techniques That Help to Prevent a Burnout
  5. Can Training Communication Skills Help with Nurse Burnout?
  6. Methods for Recognizing and Assessing the Level of Nurse Burnout
  7. A Detailed Analysis of Burnout Causes in Pediatric Nurses
  8. The Specifics of the Burnout Syndrome in Oncology Nurses
  9. Can You Predict a Burnout and What Are the Main Signs?
  10. Can Workplace Sabotage or Bullying Lead to a Nurse Burnout?
  11. How Nurse Burnout Can Affect the Safety of Patients
  12. How Different Countries Approach Nurse Burnout Issue
  13. Using Management Techniques to Prevent and deal with Nurse Burnout
  14. Can Medical Universities Help Students to Avoid a Nurse Burnout
  15. What Are the Coping Strategies When You Experience a Burnout

Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

Many topics are specific to women’s health, such as those related to pregnancy and menopause. Here are some ideas to use:

  1. Understanding and Dealing with Menopause
  2. How Smoking Can Affect Pregnant Women and Their Babies
  3. Induced Births and Epidural
  4. Explaining Breast Pumps and Their Benefits and Drawbacks
  5. How to Choose Whether a Woman Should Breastfeed
  6. Different Birth Control Approaches Among Women
  7. Improving Healthcare Services for Women with Breast Cancer
  8. Pre-term Birth and Infant Mortality in African American Females
  9. Nutritional Guidelines for Pregnant Women
  10. How Women of Different Socio-Economic Status Approach to Working After Birth
  11. How to Manage Pelvic Floor Issues
  12. The Role of Nurses in Preventing and Managing Postpartum Depression in Female Patients
  13. How to Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy
  14. Women Health and Female Genital Mutilation
  15. Treating Breastfeeding Women with Codeine Products

Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Providing top-quality care to children is imperative for healthcare facilities. If writing a project on this topic, these are the ideas to use:

  1. Sleep Apnea in Children
  2. Managing Service Quality and Cost in Private Pediatric Healthcare Facilities
  3. Comparing UK and US Approaches to Pediatric Care
  4. How to Recognize Children That Were Abused Sexually
  5. Dealing with a Child Who Has a Terminal Disease
  6. How Losing a Child Patients Affects the Hospital Staff
  7. Can Divorce Worsen Pre-Existing Conditions in Kids?
  8. How to Make Pediatric Care More Available to Children from Unprivileged Communities
  9. Abuse Victims in Children and Medical Concerns
  10. Kids Who Developed Measles and Complications to Consider
  11. Preventing Meningitis in Children
  12. Understanding and Treating Children Movement Disorders
  13. Meditation and Other Techniques to Help Children in Autism
  14. Preventing Kidney Stones in Children
  15. Improving Healthcare Services for Children with Cancer

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Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Falls present a huge risk, especially with elderly patients. These are the topics you can choose in this category:

  1. Preventing and Reducing Falls Among Elderly Patients in Long-Term Care
  2. Assessing the Home Environment to Reduce Patient Fall Risk
  3. Educating Nurses on Patient Safety and Reducing Fall Frequency
  4. Managing Fall Risk in Osteoporosis Patients
  5. What Can Hospital Leadership Do to Reduce Patient Falls?
  6. Adjusting Hospital Settings to Minimize Fall Risk
  7. Analyzing Patient Fall Rates in Healthcare Settings
  8. Which Patients Have the Highest Fall Risk?
  9. Using Cameras to Minimize and Reduce Fall Injury Risk Among Patients
  10. How Healthcare Facility Design Can Reduce Patient Falls
  11. Using Technology to Prevent Patient Falls
  12. Improving Nurse Knowledge on Elderly Patient Falls
  13. Using Exercises to Reduce Fall Risks in Elderly Patients
  14. Increasing Patient Awareness on Safety Activities That Can Reduce Fall Risks
  15. Risks in Healthcare Physical Environment That Increase Patient Fall Risk

Emergency Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Your project can focus on the emergency departments in healthcare facilities. These topics could be interesting:

  1. Strategies to Reduce Crowding of Emergency Departments in Hospitals
  2. Costs and Benefits of Freestanding Emergency Departments
  3. The Potential of Tele-Emergency in Rural Areas
  4. Statistics on How Nurse Shortage Affects Emergency Departments
  5. Emergency Nurses and Burnout – Frequency and How to Avoid It
  6. Managing Violence in Emergency Rooms
  7. Safety of Pediatric Medications in Emergency Departments
  8. How Emergency Department Design Can Affect Quality of Service
  9. Managing Infections in the ER
  10. Emergency Department Nurses – Incentive Programs
  11. Decreasing the Duration of Patient Stay in the ED
  12. Quality of Healthcare in Emergency Departments
  13. Treating Patients with Mental Health Issues in Emergency Departments
  14. Administering Medicines Nasally in EDs
  15. Preparing ED Staff for Terrorist Attacks and Other Extreme Situations

Medical Surgery Capstone Project Ideas

We can see all types of surgeries performed daily throughout the world. This category is vast, and these are only some suggestions to use:

  1. A Detailed Overview of Treating and Managing Wounds
  2. Nurse Involvement in Post-Surgery Patient Care
  3. Anaesthetists and Burnout
  4. How to Ensure Gastrointestinal Surgery Minimally Invasive
  5. A Detailed Overview of Refractive and Cataract Surgery
  6. Roles of ICU Nurses in Medical Surgery
  7. Comparing Minor and Major Surgeries
  8. The Importance of Nurses in OT
  9. General Anesthesia – Details and Complications
  10. Phases of Surgery
  11. Surgical Asepsis Overview
  12. How to Enhance Safety in Operating Rooms
  13. Neurogenic Shock and Surgical Interventions
  14. Diabetic Foot Treatment and Care
  15. Preventing Intraoperative Hypothermia with Thermal Heating

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

The technology improved the healthcare industry. These are the suggestions if you want to focus on informatics in your project:

  1. Data Management and Ethics in the Healthcare Industry
  2. Managing Data in Healthcare Facilities
  3. How to Use Robotics in Surgery
  4. Nursing Informatics and Data Security
  5. How Mobile Health Apps Can Improve Healthcare in Rural Areas
  6. Using Electronic Medical Records in Acute Patient Care
  7. Analyzing Controversy in Nurse Informatics
  8. Applying Technology in Training Professional Nurses
  9. How Technology Can Help to Deal with Nurse Shortage in Rural Areas
  10. Ways to Upgrade the Information System in Hospitals
  11. Improving Data Security for Critical Care Patients
  12. The Importance of Investing in Nurse Informatics
  13. The Potential of E-Learning Simulations for Medical Training
  14. Data Breaches in Healthcare and Their Impact
  15. Techniques to Prevent Data Breaches in Medical Facilities

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