How To Make a 1000 Word Essay: Tips For Fast Writing

For anyone who has ever wondered what a 1000 word essay really is, it is a small prose which often serves as a form of testing students’ knowledge and skills when they are in school, college or university. Usually, the author of the paper discusses any problem or covers a particular topic. The main purpose is to express their interpretation of an issue, impressions that are related to the topic under discussion, and other thoughts.

How to start a 1000 word essay?  Before doing any work or performing any part of the task, the first thing you always have to do is to answer some basic questions that help you understand what you are expected to do and what your purpose is.

  1. How long is a 1000 word essay?  It will depend on the way you deliver the information and format. The number of terms you use can make your paper look bigger and fuller. Usually, it’s about two pages.
  2. How many paragraphs are on all 1000 word essay pages?  It contains 3 parts, but the number of paragraphs may vary due to the specifics of the topic etc.

Tips On How To Write a 1000 Word Essay

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The paper’s structure is well-known but many students don’t pay enough attention to it, which leads to the same mistakes. Following the right structure is half the success of the future grade. Why does a how to write a narrative essay important?  Let’s take a look at how the structure is formed and how to write a 1000 word essay strictly by the rules.


The introduction is the best way to attract attention to your essay and show the importance of your topic. To write a catchy introduction you need to grab the reader’s attention:

  1. Start with important information that relates to your topic.
  2. Add some convincing information that demonstrates all the issues of your topic.

The body of the essay (main part)

This part contains three paragraphs of about 200-300 words each.


The best way to write a conclusion of your 1000 words essay is to:

  1. Write the thesis statement in other words;
  2. Mention the body’s paragraph with the main thoughts;
  3. Summarize and write the main point of view of the topic.

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Fast Writing Ideas

Are you stuck trying to start your essay? Or stuck during the writing process and can’t continue? This is a regular occurrence and many college students have similar problems, there are a thousand great tips, which can help you avoid this. Here is a useful one – don’t stop writing is all you need to do!

The Non-stop method may help you avoid getting stuck on something. The sense of it is that you just need to find a comfortable place for you, focus your mind…and then just write everything without thinking of the structure etc. Just write all you can think about the topic. Then you will be able to highlight all the interesting parts and start to edit. You can delete all the useless information that you don’t like and start to construct the rest of the essay according to the structure. It doesn’t have to be complicated! As the result, you will have all your troughs about your topic and can add something. If you use this method you can finish your paper without getting stuck on small details. However, don’t forget about proofreading.

Make Your 1000 Word Essay Brilliant!

If your paper is already written you have to pay attention to the proofreading – undoubtedly, editing is one of the most important parts. That’s why to leave everything on the last day is a terrible idea. Many students even ask to edit my paper online. Here are a few tips to do proofreading by yourself in 60 minutes:

  1. Read your essay and pause at punctuation points. This will help you determine how the composition sounds – If you hear something that you don’t like – correct it. Then re-read the paragraph.
  2.  When the content of the essay has already been rewritten, it is necessary that you personally (not using a computer) have checked spelling and grammar – the computer can’t see everything. Check to ensure subjects and verbs match, the sequence of tenses, plurals, possessive nouns, punctuation. When you’re done checking it, check it again.  
  3. If possible, let someone read your essay and ask them for some advice on how to improve the composition. If you don’t have such people, then do it in person – since you spent a lot of time writing it, put it off for a few days, and then read it again. This will allow you to evaluate the essay with a fresh look.

How to deal with a long assignment paper? We completely understand that 1000 word sounds like a huge volume of work. And many students even prefer a fast essay writing service.  If you prefer to save your time and write a perfect paper we have prepared an amazing solution. By using our tips, you won’t waste your time on the troubles of how to make your assignment paper better!

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