How To Write A Great Persuasive Essay

Many students start their academic journey with assignments geared towards informing the reader. But as you dive deeper into academic assignments, papers become more complicated and your skills are put to the test. So if you have to write a persuasive essay, don’t feel alone if your writing skills don’t seem up to par. We’ve put together this guide to give you the edge on writing compelling arguments that will attract the reader’s attention.

4 Steps To Write Your Persuasive Essay Correctly

These papers are a bit tricky, but there is a formula you can follow to get the right framework in place to get a good grade. Using this format will ensure you stay on point and your arguments flow in a logical manner that is easy to read.

  1. Choose a position. When we persuade we need to win over others to our train of thought. So when you pick out a topic, be sure you have a strong ground to persuade others to your position. You can point out details or calls to action or even the consequences of not taking your ideas seriously.
  2. Introduce your topic gradually. At the beginning of the persuasive essay structure, lead off with a good hook. This can be a quote, an odd fact, or an incredible statistic. You can use this to set up the background of your position and then you can make your claim in a thesis statement. Use your persuasive essay outline for each section you write.
  3. Develop a body that starts with the importance of your claim. Illustrating the magnitude of your topic ensures the reader stays interested to see what you’ll discuss. From this point, narrow down ideas into specific information that captures interest. Another good tip is to introduce some counter-arguments and then strike them down. Often times readers will think “Well, what about X idea?” while reading your paper. Preemptively refute those claims in your paper to give added credence to your position.  
  4. Conclude with significance. The reason for your paper is more than to just get a good grade, it’s to exemplify the importance and the need to take action. For this restate your claim along with critical arguments as to why you are right.

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Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

  1. Know your audience: Any text you put together has to focus on the audience. What are you writing and why? Are two questions you should ask yourself. When you know who is reading your paper, you’ll be better prepared to present your position in a way that interests them.
  2. State your case with the Dialectic method. Present your arguments, counter-arguments and refute the counterclaims – rinse and repeat. This method guarantees an aura of confidence in your text and will naturally draw more people to your perspective.
  3. Use a context. Facts and figures are easily distorted for gain. When you provide a context, even for unpopular positions, you attach an emotional appeal to it. For instance, if we are talking about an escaped prisoner, you may have one idea of a dangerous person. Now let’s put this in the context of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserable. In this context, the main character, an escaped prisoner, was the hero, and the police the villains.  
  4. Use a question and answer format. This is a popular technique where you ask a scientific question in your work and then proceed to answer it with empirical data. You may even find it useful to ask people what questions they may have on your topic prior to writing it. This can be a useful tool to consider how the population thinks about your topic. You’ll be able to develop strategies to build arguments to win them to your position.

To summarize all the tips and pieces of advice, writing a good persuasive essay is not difficult if you know what steps you need to take. Start with organizing your workflow efficiently. Choose a persuasive essay ideas, don’t neglect the preparatory steps and carefully check your paper before submission – this way you will not make any mistakes.

What if you still feel stuck with your assignment? If even with our tips you still can’t find enough time and inspiration for writing your work or if you still have some questions, then asking for some professional help would be a smart choice for you! You can always turn to our persuasive essay writer to get help from expert writers and cope with your papers easily.

Writing to persuade is not an easy task and requires a strong understanding of human psychology. Why people believe the things they do and how they rationalize facts and emotions. If you use these tips in your papers you’re sure to up the quality of your work and see the rewards with good grades. Yet if you don’t have time or need guarantees, we at PapersOwl are here to serve you day or night.

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