How To Write A College Essay – Guide For Successful Application

Let’s start with the basics of how to draft one of the most common assignments a teacher can give. The standard college essay. They can come in all shapes and sizes, from a 5 paragraph college admission essay, to a narrative paper about a past experience, or an argumentative text to persuade others to your position. The key features of this paper is the introduction, conclusion and the body. Each of these sections have their own details we’ll get into below. So if you’re wondering how to write a college essay, let’s find out!

What should I write my college essay about?

This depends on the sphere you’re studying. Often times students fresh out of high school get flustered on how to write an entrance essay. This is a common feeling. No longer can you count on your teacher’s emotional support to pull you through. You’re in the big leagues now and you must college essay writer that is interesting and professional. An application essay is often about why you would be a great addition to the student body in comparison with other candidates. Common college essay ideas for your personal statement should reflect your motivation and potential. This is your chance to impress the admissions board that you are going to go places. All you need is to be armed with a proper education to reach your potential.

How long should a college essay be?

The very basic paper will be one page coming in at 500 words. It is important to end your paper around the college essay word limit. This is a common mistake many students make with their college essay length. Don’t try to be extra amazing and hand in a huge assignment. In university it’s important that you can present a full story in a short space. The rule is, say more with less. Be concise and to the point and try to cut out extra words that go nowhere.

How to write a successful college essay

Writing is one thing, but writing well is another game altogether. In school we often get away with blah blah blah just to fill the page and answer the questions. That doesn’t fly anymore. Here are a few tips for writing college essays.

Choose a proper academic paper heading

Your heading should say who you are and what you’re writing about. College essay titles need to be informative without being too long. A twelve word max is a good barometer for success. If you’re stuck with how to title a college essay, you can glean over these college essay ideas to get the ball rolling. Pick out a topic you like and you’re half way to getting your task done.

Make a college paper outline

Have you heard the expression that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail? This rings true with academic writing. The key for how to write an essay starts with the outline and will carry the weight of your paper and ensure you get good results. So let’s get down to the main parts.

  • Introduction: Always start with something interesting to act as a hook to raise eyebrows to your work. Give an amazing fact or an inspirational quote. Lead off with that and transition into a thesis statement giving your stance on your paper. Knowing how to start a college application essay is critical for people to enjoy the text in its entirety.
  • Body paragraphs: Frame out your work like a good carpenter frames out a house. Strong supportive ideas to hold up the roof and stand the test of time. In your college essay outline, select some core topics you’ll touch on and build your paper around that. You may even find it easier to plan out your body before thinking about the intro.
  • Conclusion: Can you think of a memorable event in your life? Perhaps a vacation, a date, or a childhood friend? I bet you can remember the last time you had seen someone or the moment a terrific moment had ended. That is how to end a college essay. Take a trip down memory lane and summarize the best parts of your paper to give the reader a lasting impression.

Use the proper college essay format

Your first annoyance in university is guaranteed to be how to format a college essay. For undergrads the problem is compounded with taking multiple classes in different disciplines. Tuesday a paper in APA, Wednesday you’ll be writing in MLA, and over the weekend perhaps you’ll be doing Turabian and Harvard at the same time. Knowing all the formats is not easy and is quite the learning curve. It is recommended you ask your teacher prior to writing and do your due diligence before taking on your assignment.

College essay topics to avoid

Unless you’re a professional troll or want to rub your teachers and peers the wrong way, keep your papers PC. While you may have strong opinions on religion, politics, or cultural differences, such topics are better avoided. Even if you’re studying political science, don’t rock the boat too hard or the teacher may very well throw you off the edge with a bad grade. Most teachers are published authors and it’s a good tip to Google their work to get an idea what their sensitive areas are.

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Writing papers can be an involved process that has your head spin, especially if you’re a new student. But follow our guidance and you’ll be well on your way to a bright future and good grades. Be sure to format your papers correctly and ask the right questions and your academic years will be some of the best experiences in your life.

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