How To Start An Admission Essay For College

Getting your foot in the door of the university of your dreams is a stressful process that evokes many questions. You may ask yourself whether you have what it takes to garner interest in your application. If you have the required skills to impress the admissions committee, or whether your personal achievements are up to scratch to demonstrate you are worthy to study at a particular college.

We understand these obstacles and have put together this guide so you can submit your application in confidence. So read on for the main tip on writing an admission essay.

What Is An Admission Essay And What Is It For?

Admission essay is a preliminary test to see if you are able to organize your thoughts in a way that conveys interest, depth and the ability to present information. Your application will have several other requirements but your application essay is what sets you out from the crowd.

Some institutions may call it a personal statement but the goals are the same. To demonstrate who you are and why you wish to study at a particular college. Here it is important to demonstrate you’ll add value to the student body. Therefore, outline your past achievements and future plans in your paper.

Need help with writing an admission essay for college

How To Start Writing an Admission Essay For College?


  • The good news is, not much research is required for this task as the subject is you. So follow these pointers for proper admission essay writing.
  • Be yourself! Many applicants feel their personal story is not interesting and as a result exaggerate details or flat out lie. The admissions officers are professionals and can see through any exaggerations. Most importantly they want to see if you have the personality of future alumni of their program. So let your personality shine on how you’ve been productive with extracurricular activities and at school.
  • Retain a concise style. Phrase your paper to be succinct and to the point. Focus on actions and results to bring praise to your achievements. When papers become overly wordy, readers lose interest which is the fastest way to get put at the bottom of the pack.
  • Uniqueness wins at the end. Sure you may have a rather routine life, but you are an individual who has a personal story to share. Highlight your hopes and ambitions that make you different. You may ask a close friend to share some insight into what makes you an amazing person.
  • Stay focused. An admissions essay shouldn’t be a timeline of life events. Cherry-pick a few key moments to give a lasting impression of who you are and what you wish to become. This could be anything from your actions on a sports team, to winning an academic competition, or helping out at an animal rescue center.
  • Don’t go overboard with humor. Your application essay is a serious request to enter a university. While in school, you may have been a class clown who could work some magic on the crowd, a university will likely not appreciate an overly comical paper. Retain a level of seriousness that is also interesting. You may use a bit of wit but refrain from jokes or being silly.

How To Plan your Admission Essay For College?

Now that we’ve got the guidelines, it’s time to get to work. College essay writing is more complicated than what you may have encountered in school and standards are much higher. Follow these steps to write your application essay to ensure you have a strong foundation.

  1. Plan your work with an outline. An admission essay outline is no more than a plan of what you intend to write. Most colleges will require one or two pages. Using the tips above, think about one life-changing event or a few smaller events that will build the body of your paper.
  2. Write your introduction with enthusiasm. The pros from your admission essay writer recommend starting off with a quote or a narration that builds into your personal story. You may think of a cause and effect style where you mention how one event triggered something amazing to happen in your life. This could be someone you had met, a vacation you had taken, or a childhood story with a strong moral.
  3. Transition into your body with something that reaches out and presents an unusual fact or story. The idea is to have the reader beg to know what happens next and continue with your story. Remember the tips above and be on point, focused, and not too humorous.  
  4. In your conclusion, write a strong statement about your experience. Be particularly sure that your admission essay states why you’d be a good student and why higher education is a valuable asset for your future.

College admissions are serious business and we all want to get into the best schools. Some don’t have the best test scores or life experiences that make us shine. But each person has a special story that has a future. If you’re not sure you can buy an MBA admission essay written by professional writers at PapersOwl are always available to help you achieve your academic dreams.


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