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Choosing the topic is the first and essential step to writing a great paper. It should be both interesting to you and has scientific value, presenting a new perspective on the subject. Whether you want to write a research paper on medieval instruments, Beethoven or popular modern artists, you need to find a topic that is relevant. Here are some great topics on the history of popular music and other artistic phenomena that will help you to create a great essay.

Musical history is important not only because it shows the development of this art, but it also deals with the historical and cultural context of an era. Music is one of the most significant cultural phenomena of each generation, and it has imprinting of social values of the society it was created in.

Writing research proves student’s writing skills and his ability to analyze and perform information, his original perspective with supporting arguments. This is a list of good and relevant for 2019 music history paper topics that will inspire you and help to choose the particular vector to deliver your thoughts.

Great Research Paper Topics on Classical Music

Classical music is the basis of any artistic development; it influences popular art as well and is the crucial element of the history of art. It shows the trends and innovations made previously and their relativity to the modern state of affairs.

  1. The Innovation of J. S. Bach in comparison to other composers of the era;
  2. Early music history and the development of musical instruments;
  3. Baroque music, main techniques, cultural meaning;
  4. Classical composers and film industry;
  5. Medieval Europe’s music and the influence of the Catholic Church;
  6. Strings instruments used in classic Greek songwriting;
  7. Classical German composers of the 18th century and their impact on further musical development;
  8. Mozart vs Beethoven: comparing main techniques, style and influence;
  9. The Deep analysis of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony;
  10. The role of wind instruments in an orchestra;
  11. How technology influenced classical melody;
  12. Discovering the effect classical music has on a person’s perception;
  13. Romantic period of the 18-19th centuries and its influence;
  14. The phenomena of Mozart, his style and innovation.
  15. The origins of classical composing.

Also, there are some more history research topics for college students that you can use for your college assignment.

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Interesting Topics about 20th Century Music History

The 20th century brought a great variety of different musical styles, new forms of expression and phenomena, such as popular artists, etc. There were so many innovations that one might need help with research paper. Here are 15 music history research paper topics that deal with the main events of the 20th century. 

  1. Melody Development Between two World Wars;
  2. The origins and main characteristics of country music;
  3. How Drugs Contributed to the Development of psychedelic rock;
  4. Nirvana phenomenon and grunge rock;
  5. How radio contributed to pop songs;
  6. Development of the music industry: Pros and Cons of Capitalistic Perception of an Art;
  7. Origins, influence and cultural value of Rock’N’Roll;
  8. Comparing rational and irrational branches of the 20th century;
  9. The connection between pop and folk melodies;
  10. How technology affected new sounds of the 20th century;
  11. A postmodern approach to traditional songwriting;
  12. Digital sound and the use of electronic instruments;
  13. Freedom of the performer and the new means of the expression;
  14. Rock, its styles and aspect;
  15. The key features of popular songs and the message it brings.

Research Paper Topics on History of Jazz and African American Music

Jazz and African American music are one of the most exciting phenomena of the 20th and the 21st century. It has a great influence till this day and has rooted in different genres.

It is crucial not only for the USA culture but for the whole music industry. Jazz is a complex and unique style that has a strong and particular influence, as well as conceptual history. It is only beneficial to write or order a research paper on this matter.

Here are 15 paper topics on music history relating to it:

  1. The role of improvisation in Jazz performance
  2. L. Armstrong, his innovation and influence on the development of Jazz;
  3. Jazz, its History and Legacy to African American culture;
  4. How Jazz affected American culture;
  5. African American musical techniques, origins, lyrics and style;
  6. The concept of liberation and blues;
  7. Jazz, Blues and the concept of identity;
  8. Miles Davis and his influence on Jazz;
  9. Jazz techniques in modern popular songwriting;
  10. The phenomena of Kansas city Jazz;
  11. Slavery, memory and tribal roots in African American melody;
  12. The historical context of Jazz, its resemblance to society’s problems;
  13. Cultural appropriation of African American tradition;
  14. Comparative analysis of Jazz and Hip-Hop;
  15. Jazz innovative structures and the concept of freedom.

When looking for a good topic, you can always find inspiration in the artist you like to listen to, origins of one particular style or historical era that is fascinating to you. If you need help with an assignment for your college, we are providing assistance for any type of tasks and subject. We guarantee satisfaction with completely unique paper and timely delivery.

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