What Is A Research Paper Outline

The outline is the primary step in creating the structure of what will be said in the paper as well as how will you say it. A research paper outline should be written correctly. Why is this important? The main goal is to help the reader find the most relevant information for reader’s demands. A properly written outline will demonstrate your knowledge of common standards.

For example, in headings, you should use Roman numerals and capitalized letters, and in sub-headings, there are Arabic numerals and only the first letter is capitalized. All of these rules are described in APA guidelines, but here you can read a brief version:

  • Division: This will make your plan logical and understandable. The information should be subdivided into small parts in such a way that every title should have two sub-headlines or more.
  • Coordination: Each item should have the same importance. All the captions should be equal. That rule is used for sub-headings as well.
  • Subordination: The information in the heading should be broad, and the sub-heading information should be more detailed. This rule is about the correlation between headings and sub-headlines.
  • Parallelism: If you start a headline with a noun and other headlines and sub-headings should be started with a noun. Parallelism is a special correlation between headings and sub-headlines.

The format of your outline could be changed by your professor by adding or switching-out some parts. So, if you find any templates, you should be attentive. You should not forget that a well-written outline is a great way to present a wonderful research paper. The research paper outline should include the main parts of the research paper,  the introduction of the thesis statement, material and methods used, the body, the results and conclusions part, and a list of references. This is the standard logical sequence.

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