Difference Between a Thesis And a Dissertation

You worked really hard, did your best to maintain excellent academic performance over the years, and finally obtained a bachelor’s degree. Then you decided to continue your education after getting a degree. Sound familiar? Then we are confident that along with this new stage in your life and education you have already started thinking about many new things and have faced new concerns in your path, one of which is what is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation and how to handle such tasks.

Although there is no significant structure difference (an introduction, literary review, main body, conclusion, and bibliography), there are many things that make these two academic papers quite different. What are these distinctive features?

The main technical difference between these two types of assignments are that a thesis is submitted for the master’s degree, while a dissertation is written for obtaining a PhD.

However, there are more important nuances to keep in mind. To help you out and give you a better understanding of this matter, we are going to go through all the distinctive features of these two papers.

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Two types of common essay students have to complete is a thesis and a dissertation. You may think that these two papers are the same but there is a difference between thesis and dissertation essays.

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Why Are They Similar?

To understand the difference between a thesis and a dissertation, we first should determine how they are similar and know what to expect and what to avoid in preparing yourself to work on one of them. We know that both papers are assigned to graduate students. Also, it is not a secret that it is hard, exhausting, and tiring to work on these papers. However, the good news is that students usually have a bunch of time to complete any of these projects perfectly and although they both are not assigned as group projects, you will be able to have some help and advice from your advisor. To get your degree you will need to get a high grade for the paper.

However, don’t get discouraged right away if you fail it for the first time, as most of the universities are willing to give a second chance to their students and thus, if you do some work to meet all the requirements, you will be able to resubmit your project.

As you see, there are some similarities between these papers. However, there are more differences than similarities and in this post, we will explain why these projects are different and give you a few tips on how to handle each of them!

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What Is The Difference?

It is easy to confuse these two papers. Moreover, many students believe that they are more similar than different but if they are so similar, why don’t universities leave just one for students? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. As we’ve said before – a thesis is submitted for a master’s degree and a dissertation for a Ph.D. However, when you are working on a thesis, you have to do your own research and it is not preferable to use other people’s work in your text as the information has to be original and as unique as possible. For a dissertation, on the contrary, you have to synthesize the information you collected, have a right to include facts from other dissertations, journals or other sources, and also, you can use your own thoughts while writing your dissertation.
  2. What else to keep in mind? The other difference is the fact that in some ways a dissertation could only be a part of a process of obtaining a degree, while a thesis could be the final part. It always depends on the university, country, and studying program.
  3. A thesis has to contain a hypothesis, which has to be based on your research. And while you work on a dissertation you have to remember that all that you have read, researched, evaluated should be included in your work. So basically you need to have a strong knowledge of recent news and discoveries.
  4. Also, those who write a thesis usually are getting scholarships. Working on thesis writing you will be more focused on your primary argument, presenting it to the reader, providing additional proofs and examples. It all should be based on your own hypothesis, thoughts, and research.
  5. In a dissertation, you also will be conducting your research on a specific subject to deliver your own point of view. You will be using already existing literature and working with it. Thus, a dissertation should contain more bare facts and less of your thoughts.
  6. The duration of defense is also an important thing – it is simpler and faster to defend your thesis in comparison to a dissertation due to the fact that obtaining a master’s degree is much simpler as a doctoral degree is the highest one.

The structure and length will depend on the program, your field of study, and the university. We have to highlight that a dissertation is usually much longer than a thesis. In a thesis, you will do your research, include your hypothesis, and prove your standpoint on about 100 pages, while your dissertation will look more like a short book of 300-400 pages. However, despite the smaller volume, writing a master’s thesis is not easier at all, so if you have faced any issues with it, you had better find some expert help where you could ask “please, write my thesis” and then you will not fail!

Some scholars say that these two types of papers are the same. We hope that after reading the provided facts and the most common differences between these two assignments, you will not confuse these two tasks again!

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