Best 150 Topic Ideas For Analytical Essay

If you are a student, there is a big chance that you will have to write an analytical essay at least once. Such an essay is an important way for students to show their understanding of a topic and their analytical skills at the same time. Analytical essay topics can range from something like a book or a poem to a real-life event or story. The idea is to research the chosen topic, analyze it, and then give your own opinions and conclusions. Due to that reason, it is very crucial to select paper topics that you resonate with and can write well about.

How To Choose An Effective Topic For An Analysis Essay?

If it is up to you to choose an analytical essay topic yourself, there are some things you should keep in mind. There are many different subjects to choose from but a lot of them can be boring or uninspiring. That is why you should always spend a good amount of time thinking about what you like to research on and write analytical essays about.

To do so, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Understand the objectives and reasons for writing your essay. This will help you figure out the right kind of topics for your analysis essay.
  • Try to select topics that you already know a little bit about.
  • Choose topics that relate to your discipline or field of study.
  • Read a little about the subject before you finalize it.

Choosing the right topics for an analytical essay is easy with these steps. To help with your selection, here are some of the best analytical essay topics:

Analytical Essay Topics for High School

  1. Assess the major reasons for use of drugs by sportsmen.
  2. What is peer pressure and why do teenagers suffer from it?
  3. How do different types of phobia develop in humans?
  4. The pros and cons of free education? Should it be free?
  5. The reasons for bullying in schools and how to tackle it.
  6. The phenomenon of cyberbullying and the reasons behind it.
  7. The reasons behind the popularity of graffiti and street art.
  8. How does a child’s psychology get affected in a single-parent household?
  9. Why do people get addicted to drugs: an analysis of the reasons and solutions for drug addiction.
  10. Optimism vs. Pessimism: which one is better and why?
  11. An analysis of organ donation and its significance in the medical world.
  12. Is there a correlation between the standard of living and higher education?
  13. Mass Media: How does it influence a young mind?
  14. The harmful effects of social media and the ways to mitigate them.
  15. An analysis of school uniforms: Is there a need for them?

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Analytical Essay Topics for College

  1. Essay about the concept of aliens and the reasons they haven’t been found.
  2. The side effects of animal testing and the alternatives to avoid it.
  3. An analysis about the bi-sexual nature of some people.
  4. Insomnia: the scientific reasons behind it.
  5. An essay analyzing the balance between personal life and work.
  6. Choose a character from a literary work and analyze their life.
  7. The reasons behind increasing depression rates in the USA.
  8. How did abstract art develop over history?
  9. An essay about the psychological effects of horror movies on humans.
  10. The reason for some humans not taking criticism well.
  11. The causes of increasing obesity among young people.
  12. Introversion vs. Extroversion – an analysis of the reasons behind each personality type.
  13. The influence of excessive gaming on young minds.
  14. An essay on a specific event of literary writing.
  15. The reasons and motivations of college dropouts.

Youth Essay Topics

  1. Writing your thoughts about the psychological and social reasons behind bullying.
  2. Give your thoughts about conflicts between young people and their parents.
  3. Share your expectations from college vs. the reality of your experience.
  4. Why do teenagers want independence and parents don’t allow it?
  5. Analyze the reasons for alcohol addiction among youth.
  6. Talk about the reasons behind teen suicides.
  7. Showcase the problematic nature of social media platforms for the youth.
  8. Is someone’s birth order a factor in how they make decisions?
  9. How much importance do TV ratings have on a young viewer’s choices?
  10. In what ways can parents handle rude children?
  11. Running away from home: the reasons and thought processes that enable it.
  12. An essay about family stability and its connection with a person’s attitude outside the home.
  13. What rights and obligations do teenagers have in school?
  14. High School: What it was like and what could have been better?
  15. Youth Addiction Problems: What can we do to help?

Culture and Society Essay Topics

  1. Create a writing about the immigration crisis and the reasons behind it.
  2. How do gender roles determine a person’s personality across various cultures?
  3. Talk about any one of the armed conflicts going on in the world today.
  4. Why do people get tattoos and piercings across different societies?
  5. Gender equity and equality? What is more needed in today’s world?
  6. Give your ideas about some current social issues and talk about their causes.
  7. Body Shape: Does it influence personality?
  8. Enumerate the differences between male and female communication.
  9. The positive effects of listening to music.
  10. The challenges that come for immigrants in monocultural societies.
  11. Essay about the connection between societal pressure and mental issues.
  12. What are some ways to reduce inequality among people?
  13. How has the adoption of online communication changed people’s interactions?
  14. Analyze the current education crisis in the US.
  15. How and why are gender roles changing across cultures?

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Social Problems Essay Topics

  1. The reasons behind higher crime levels in economically weak neighborhoods.
  2. Give your opinions about the poor being exempted from taxation.
  3. Why do certain areas are more badly affected by poverty than others?
  4. What are the reasons behind underfunding schools in poor neighborhoods?
  5. Recycling: Why everyone needs to do it more.
  6. The main causes behind rapid climate change.
  7. How can refugees be given equal rights and opportunities?
  8. Addiction: A personal choice or something more?
  9. Share your thoughts about gaming for children under 13 years of age.
  10. Can inequality ever end or is it inevitable?
  11. How can work and personal life be balanced, if at all?
  12. The importance of writing about social issues to spread awareness.
  13. What influence do bold and controversial movie topics have on society?
  14. Sex Education in schools: why and how to approach the subject.
  15. The connection between violent video games and increasingly aggressive children.

Essay Topic Ideas on Nature

  1. Share your thoughts about animal testing for medicine.
  2. Essay on the reasons behind the loyalty of dogs.
  3. Can pets be helpful for children while growing up?
  4. The adverse effects of poaching and what to do about it.
  5. The science behind how parrots can speak like humans.
  6. Microbes for humans: what are the harms and/or benefits?
  7. Differences between animal species in regards to training.
  8. Essay about why certain species go extinct.
  9. What are the reasons behind the colonies created by ants and bees?
  10. An analysis of the pain that is felt by plants.
  11. How household cleaning products are slowly killing the environment.
  12. What is smog and how does it affect human health?
  13. Write an essay about the ecological impact that your own household has.
  14. What are the ways to practically clean our oceans?
  15. An essay on Full-Scale Recycling: What is it and how can it help?

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

  1. How much water does a person really need to drink?
  2. What are the treatment options for insomnia?
  3. Bipolar Disorder: Its history, symptoms, and treatments.
  4. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of free treatment.
  5. Vegetarianism: Pros and Cons.
  6. What part can cloning play in the safety of human life?
  7. The science behind how antidepressants work.
  8. What are the ways in which medicine prices can be controlled?
  9. Is there any efficiency in universal health coverage?
  10. Share your thoughts about how Big Pharma is trying to overmedicate people.
  11. Compare and contrast the US healthcare system with that of other countries.
  12. Children’s vaccination: why it is important.
  13. In your essay, analyze the present health insurance system.
  14. What are the most effective alternative healing methodologies?
  15. Does homeopathy actually work?

Job Essay Topics

  1. How to create the perfect CV to attract employers.
  2. The importance of strong teamwork.
  3. What makes someone a leader?
  4. The reasons behind burnout and how to avoid it.
  5. The most effective ways to maximize worker motivation.
  6. Ways to stand out from other applicants when applying for a job.
  7. Analyze the trends in changing salaries in the tech industry over the last decade.
  8. Share your thoughts about the factors behind the gender pay gap.
  9. Changing marketing trends due to social media.
  10. Assess how ex-convicts can be reintegrated into the job market.
  11. Does higher education lead to more job security?
  12. Which skills to develop for success in the ever-evolving tech market?
  13. The correlation of formal and informal learning in the professional world.
  14. How to handle conflict as a leader?
  15. The best ways to improve job satisfaction as an employee.

Political Essay Topics

  1. How important is nationalism and when does it go too far?
  2. Take one speech from the last Presidential campaign and carefully analyze it in your essay.
  3. What makes for a successful election campaign?
  4. Why do monarchies still exist? Assess their importance.
  5. Discuss the part social media plays in today’s politics in your essay.
  6. Analyze why the losing party in the last election lost.
  7. Outdated laws: What are they and why do they still exist?
  8. Compare and contrast US democracy and European democracy.
  9. Discuss why it is important for everyone to exercise their right to vote.
  10. Assess an ongoing conflict that was kicked off because of political intervention.
  11. How does the increase in population affect sustainable development?
  12. What is the reason for an increasing level of nationalism?
  13. Anarchy vs. Democracy: Discuss in a research paper.
  14. Essay on the ideas of Karl Marx and their relevance.
  15. Talk about the factors behind the democratization of some countries.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Crime

  1. Discuss the best ways to deal with gang behavior.
  2. Why are young people attracted to joining gangs?
  3. How effective are harsh penalties regarding a white-collar crime?
  4. An essay that correlates family structures with gang subcultures.
  5. Talk about the nature of police brutality. Is it systemic or not?
  6. What are the possible ways to minimize crime?
  7. Write an essay on the relationship between privacy infringement and security.
  8. Reasons behind the increase in police brutality.
  9. Pros and cons of the jury system.
  10. Discuss the trends of crime rates in the last ten years.
  11. Preventions against acts of terror.
  12. Assess the reasons behind police’s difference in dealing with similar crimes based on location.
  13. What part does the culture of silence play when it comes to police accountability?
  14. Rituals that hold gangs together: what are they?
  15. Rituals that hold gangs together: what are they?


With these analytical essay topics for college students, you can easily find critical analysis essay topics to write about. Writing a paper isn’t easy if you cannot understand the selected topics, especially when it comes to analytical essay writing. Read through the topics you are considering and figure out if you are interested in one of them. Only then will you be able to create a well-crafted paper with strong arguments that are sure to impress your professors.

Use any of these topics to create an excellent paper. If you are still unsure how to prepare a top-notch essay, use our professional analytical essay writing service by PapersOwl to cope with this assignment faster and easier!

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