How To Write A Narrative Essay Outline: What Makes Your Work Solid

Have your teachers given you a narrative essay to compose and you’re not sure exactly what they are asking for? Fear not, we’ll go over the details of this paper, and more important, how to build a narrative essay outline so you nail it in the first go. University has a collection of assignments to help students learn and present information in different formats. But what makes these papers special? These papers differ quite a bit from the standard academic texts you may be used to. First, most academic work is written from a third person perspective whereas this paper is often written from the first person perspective. It will also test your ability to tell a story without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. So be concise, on point and most of all – be organized!

While these may seem easy at first glance they can be quite a challenge if you’re not accustomed to them. Some students can even use the help of others, saying “write my essay in 1 hour”. So let’s go through the mechanics of what your text should look like. Follow these tips and you’ll be narrating stories that Morgan Freeman would be proud of.

What Is An Outline And Why is It Important?

Writing high-quality papers is a skill that takes much practice. Drafting up a plan for your essay structure outline is the most important step to getting that A you deserve. Many students neglect this step and whip out papers without preparation. This strategy is risky and may put your grades in jeopardy. Don’t gamble with your future. If you find yourself a rock in a hard place, it’s much better to buy narrative essays online from the pros, than to hand in shoddy work. You can even hire these services to plan out your paper for you. The importance of a personal narrative outline is it simplifies the writing process. A little bit of effort will pay dividends regarding your GPA. With the proper preparation, the writing process becomes a fill in the blank assignment. While you write, you’ll naturally gravitate to focusing on quality rather than meeting bullet points and volume requirements. And your grades will reflect it.

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How To Start a Narrative Essay Structure, Step By Step

So how do you get your story structure outline off the ground? Your instructor may have given you a topic or you can create one on your own. If you’re stumped on what to write about check out these bullet proof narrative essay topics to get you started. So with a topic in hand, let’s start with a fundamental of any writing – the narrative outline. Here we want to have a big picture of what we’ll write about and organize an A-Z direction we want our essay to take. When drafting your narrative essay outline start with listing the top points you’ll address in your paper.

Start with the body paragraphs

Contrary to popular practice, do not begin with the introduction outline of your paper. Many students ask how many paragraphs are in a narrative essay. Often, they are 1–2 pages. For our purposes we’ll discuss a standard one page 5 paragraph essay. Starting with the body. Pick 3 main components you want to include in your paper. Using this practice keep in mind any requirements your professor had asked for. Also, be sure to outline them using your courses preferred formatting style. Under each category you may include a few subtopics that will all roll up to build each heading.  

Plan your narrative essay introduction

Now that you have the meat and potatoes laid out, you can set a powerful intro for your paper. Knowing how to start a personal narrative essay becomes easy. When outlining the intro, be sure to consider the what, why, and how of what the reader will find in the body of your paper. You may want to include in your plan any particular hook you want to draw your readers in. A quotation or statistic is a good trick to generate more interest in your work. Also spend considerable time drafting a thesis statement. In a personal essay outline you may want to relate to a life event that had an important result.  

Finish with a strong conclusion

in your conclusion, you want to restate the main parts of your paper and give the reader something to think about when they are finished. Reflect on what your narrative essay introduction and cherry pick some details to place at the end. If your story has a moral or philosophical aspect, you may include a call to action. A prime example would be “Because of these points, we need to develop/think about/change”, etc.

Personal Narrative Essay Outline Example

So if you’re looking for an example of a paper about starting work at a young age here is an example for reference purposes in APA formatting.

I. Introduction

A. Statistic of teen labor

B. Considerations of youth in the workforce

C. Thesis “Entering the workforce early teaches teens many life skills but does it take away from education?”

II. Body Paragraphs

A. How I balanced work and school

1. Time Management

B. Learning Responsibility

1. Money Management

C. Results of working as a student

1. Becoming a more responsible learner

2. Better prepared for university

III. Conclusion

A. How working as a student prepared me for adult life

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Ideas For Writing A Strong Personal Narrative Essay

Maintaining consistency through your text is as important as any other academic paper. Also, follow these narrative essay writing tips to help boost the quality of your paper and get a high grade. Details are important but make sure they are relevant to your topic. We all know that person who has sermonitis and can never get to the point of their story. Don’t be that person. Be succinct and drive your points with eloquence. Also, while these papers are written from a first-person perspective, try to avoid starting every sentence with “I”. Mix up your pronouns and consult a thesaurus when necessary. This format also allows you to include emotional impressions, so you can add some perspective to your text to deliver more of an impact.

Narrative essays are a great break from standard academic papers. You’ll enjoy the ability to speak from the first person and provide your own perspectives on the topic. Just be sure to focus on the main point and provide supporting evidence in a logical manner. Follow these tips and you are sure to succeed. And as always, if your stuck, give a call to one of our professional writers and we can get you out of any academic jam.

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